21st October 2020

Dear Residents and Families,

We would like to update you on visiting hours in the care centre.
Starting on Thursday 22nd October 2020, tomorrow, we will no longer have restrictions around visiting hours. You are welcome to visit your loved ones anytime.

Although there are no community transmission cases, we still cannot afford to be complacent, that is why we are continuing to contact trace.

When you come into the care centre, please continue to sign in and out on the clipboard at reception.
For those visiting the Lodges, Braemar and Stirling please sign in and out at the respective nurse’s stations.

Please remember to practice good hand hygiene by washing your hands or using hand sanitisers provided within the care centre. Masks will be provided as well.

Thank you for your continuous cooperation and understanding through these times.

Kind Regards,

Carmen Stadler – Hanekom
Director of Care


Wednesday, 7th October 2020

To All Residents and Families.

Now that we are moving to Alert Level 1 from tonight midnight, we would like to update you on the following protocols that will remain in place for St. Andrew’s Village Care Centre including the Lodges, Braemar and Stirling.

Under Alert Level 1

Do not come to visit if you are unwell, under investigation of Covid19, or a close contact with someone who is a probable or confirmed Covid19 case.

•     Visiting hours will remain the same from 9am-11am and 1pm – 4pm initially (without the 30-minutes limit). We hope to ease restrictions once we have been another
2 weeks without community transmission.

•     All visitors must sign in and out at reception and sign the declaration form on the signing sheet.

•     Visitors for the Lodges – please sign in at the Lodges Kitchen Entrance.

•     Braemar and Stirling are to sign in at the nurse’s station of the unit.

•     Scan the QR code for the Covid19 tracer app or note it down in your personal diaries for those without smart phones.

•     Continue basic hygiene practices such as good hand hygiene, cough and sneeze on your elbow, and avoid touching your face.

•     Mask use is optional, but encouraged. However, people working in managed isolation or border facilities are advised to wear mask for the duration of your visit to ensure our residents safety.

•     We will continue to have masks available at the Main Reception

•     When taking residents offsite, please keep a record of where you have been with your loved one for track and tracing purposes.

•     Private Carers can now resume services.

•     Children under 12 years old are now welcome to visit.

•     Compassionate Visits outside visiting hours will continue on a case to case basis with approval from the Director of Care – Carmen Stadler-Hanekom.

St. Andrews Common Areas:

•     Now welcome residents and families.

•     Visiting is no longer restricted in resident’s room.

•     Activities are to resume in the common areas. Pets are now allowed in the care centre.

•     Entertainers can now resume.

•     Van trips will now resume.

•     Residents and their families can now resume visits to the Terraces café/ restaurant and are able to take residents out for walks.

•     Physio, hairdresser, masseuse are now able to come in. Use of mask is optional.

•     For residents going out to public places with families or going to appointments, masks will be made available should residents wish to wear one.

Once again, thank you for your patience and understanding through these trialling times. Although we are moving to Alert Level 1, we cannot afford to become complacent and drop our vigilance. We continue to strive and protect our vulnerable residents in our care.

Kind Regards,

Carmen Stadler – Hanekom
Director of Care


28 August 2020 

Covid-19 Update

To all families/friends of residents at St Andrew’s Village 

It is looking increasingly likely that Auckland will move to Alert Level 2 as from Monday 31 August, and that Aged Care/Retirement Villages will also move Alert Levels at the same time. However, the final decision on this will not be made by the government until Sunday 30 August.

On the assumption we will be operating at Alert Level 2 next week, we wish to advise all families of the different protocols that will be in place as from Monday 31 August.

Visitors to residents in the main care centre, plus Balmoral, Iona, Stirling and Braemar Lodges 

Under Alert Level 2

·       Visiting times will be restricted as follows:

9am to 11am


1pm to 4pm

·       We can only accept a maximum of two visitors at a time to each resident in care. If two people wish to visit a resident together, they must have been part of the same ‘bubble’ during the lockdown.

·       All visitors to the main care centre and Lodges will be screened, registered and temperature checked and given a mask to wear. For those visitors who have downloaded the government tracer app, they are also encouraged to scan our QR code poster at the same time.

·       Visitors will then be allowed to go directly to the resident’s room for a 30 minute visit. Unfortunately, visitors will not be able to go into any of the communal areas of the care centre and potentially come into contact with other residents until we eventually move to alert level 1.

·       We will only be able to make exemptions to the 30 minute rule if the resident is deemed to be within their last few days of life and the exemption is given on compassionate grounds. Please contact Carmen Stadler-Hanekom (Director of Care) via e-mail to carmen@sav.co.nz if you wish to apply for an exemption.

Visitors to residents living independently within our Retirement Village. 

Under Alert Level 2

·       We will be removing the road checkpoints and visitors will be able to go straight to the residents’ homes to visit or drop off any grocery items/medications etc.

·       Our independent residents have also been advised to separately keep a record of anyone who visits them in their homes, should the information be needed for contact tracing, and in the case of private carers we are recommending that they wear a mask at all times when in the resident’s home.

·       We will gradually be opening our communal facilities as from next week. However, given that there is still community transmission at this point in time, we will only be allowing our own St Andrew’s Village residents access to those spaces in the first week of Alert Level 2, and we will review the situation again at the end of that time.

·       For those residents who still require assistance with grocery orders, we will run our New World bulk delivery service for a further week, purely so that we can better ascertain the level of continued community transmission at that time.

As always, please do not attempt to visit St Andrew’s if any of the following situations apply:

·       You have been confirmed as a link (or believe yourself to be so) to the current Auckland cluster.

·       You have recently undergone a Covid test and are awaiting results.

·       You feel unwell or have been unwell within the last 48 hours.

These precautions are to help ensure the safety of our residents, who are the most vulnerable group to complications from Covid-19.

We thank you in advance for your co-operation and look forward to welcoming everyone back to St Andrew’s to re-unite with their loved ones.

Kind regards

St Andrew’s Village Executive Team

UPDATE Wednesday 12 August 2020

COVID – 19 update

To all families and friends of residents living in St Andrew’s Village 

As you will no doubt be aware, the Prime Minister announced last night that Auckland will be returning to a Level 3 lockdown as from Midday today (initially for a period of 3 days).

For retirement villages and aged care facilities this means that we are once again under instruction from the Ministry of Health to fully lock down our facilities to all visitors, unless it is for compassionate grounds to visit residents in their last few days of life.

Overnight, the staff at St Andrew’s have been working to resurrect all of the lockdown protocols that were in place during the previous lockdown period.

This basically means that our entrances are now secure with checkpoints in place, our communal facilities and restaurant etc. are closed and staff rosters have been re-allocated to ensure that staff and residents in care remain within their individual areas effectively creating bubbles within bubbles, plus additional cleaning and sanitising protocols are in place.

Whilst the level 3 lockdown is in place, if you wish to drop off items for residents living either independently or in care (such as groceries or medications etc.), these can be left with our concierge team at the Terraces and our staff will distribute them.

Our Terraces restaurant has converted to preparing a delivery meal service, which our Independent residents will be able to access if they so wish via our concierge.

Our village nursing team will be contacting all village residents where there is a known concern.

If the lockdown is extended into next week, we will resurrect the grocery delivery service for residents via our contacts at New World Eastridge.

If any family member was due to assist an independent resident to an external medical appointment over the next few days, please contact our village nurse team via the Terraces concierge (09 926 7973), and we will help you facilitate this.

We encourage you to keep in regular contact with your family members by phone, text or videocall over the next few days, and please alert us immediately if you think there are any health concerns we should know about.

We thank you in advance for your co-operation and patience during these difficult times.

Kind regards

St Andrew’s Village Executive Team


Dear families and friends

As we gradually move out of lockdown and start to welcome visitors back into St. Andrew’s, we want to acknowledge and thank certain individuals and companies who approached us with offers of help and support for both our residents and staff.

In no particular order we would like to give our sincere thanks to the following individuals and organisations.

New World – Eastridge

We would like to thank Matt Hayward and the entire team at New World Eastridge for helping us to set up a bulk grocery delivery service for our residents living independently within our retirement village. New World guaranteed to deliver each Friday lunchtime, so that our residents did not have to venture out into the supermarkets queues during lockdown.


Similarly, we want to thank Bidfood for enabling us to offer a similar service to staff, so that they were able to go from home to work to home and minimise the potential risk of cross contamination of our ‘bubbles’ and bringing infection into St Andrew’s.

Stonyridge Vineyard– Waiheke Island

We want to thank Stephen White from Stonyridge Vineyard for his extremely generous donation of 120 assorted bottles of Fallen Angel wine as an acknowledgement for all the work that our staff do for our community in looking after our residents. As soon as we are able, we are going to host a number of staff functions and will use the wine at those functions.

Andrew Johnson

We wish to thank Andrew Johnson for helping us to regularly update our website with COVID19 updates over the last couple of months. This has been an important way for us to quickly get messages out to the St Andrew’s Village community.


We wish to thank Don Braid and the team at Mainfreight for delivering the wine mentioned above free of charge.

Alex Heffer

We wish to thank Alex Heffer and all of the collective of private individuals across the country who reached out to Aged Care facilities nationwide, offering to print 3D full face shields for our staff to use.  In a time when PPE gear was initially in short supply, this was a fantastic initiative and greatly appreciated.

The Hoffman Family

We wish to thank the Hoffman family for the donation of two large boxes of surgical masks. These are currently being used by all of the visitors to our care facility.

Adrian Evans

We wish to thank Adrian Evans for donating pre-packaged salads to the team working in the Braemar memory care unit. These were enjoyed by both staff and residents.

Walls & Roche Pharmacy

We want to thank Walls and Roche Pharmacy for going above and beyond with both changing the way in which they delivered medications to our site under lockdown, but also for organising for our independent residents to receive their flu vaccinations in their own homes.

We also want to say a big thank you to George Muir (Commonwealth Silver Medallist – NZ Men’s Hockey), for helping out with the Walls & Roche medication deliveries to our site each night.

To all of the above, plus the many others involved in helping us through the lockdown with messages of support and thanks, please know that it is greatly appreciated by all of us at St Andrew’s Village.

Kind regards

St Andrew’s Village Executive Team


UPDATE: May 14th 2020

As we prepare for Alert Level 2 which starts on Thursday 14 May, there will now need to be different restrictions in place between our care centre operations and the Independent Retirement Village, These differences are outlined below.

Visitors to the main care centre plus Balmoral, Iona, Stirling and Braemar Lodges

Over the past week, we have been receiving guidelines from the Ministry of Health, the DHB’s and NZACA over what types of visiting arrangements Aged Care Operators must put in place under Alert level 2.

Whilst some of this advice has varied a little on specifics, there was general consensus on the majority. Therefore, St Andrew’s will be putting the following visiting protocols in place in accordance with the advice we have received.  

 Visiting hours will be as follows, 7 days a week:

 9am to 11am

1pm to 4pm

There will be no visiting outside of these times except in cases where a resident is deemed to be in their last few days of life. Any such compassionate visits need to be arranged directly with Carmen Stadler-Hanekom (Director of Care).

A maximum of two visitors per care resident at any given time.

All visitors to the main care facility, plus Balmoral, Iona, Stirling and Braemar Lodges will need to register at the main reception first for screening.


The screening protocols will consist of the following:

  • Short health questionnaire
  • Temperature check
  • Recording both your contact details and who you are going to visit (so that this information can be given to Public Health for contact tracing purposes, if required)
  • Recording the date/time of arrival and departure.
  • Giving all visitors a mask to wear whilst on site as well as instructions on hand washing/sanitising.
  • Unfortunately, the advice we are receiving at this stage is that no visitors under the age of 12 are to be allowed in our facilities.
  • Once the screening process has been complete, a member of staff will take you to the area in which your relative/friend resides.
  • All visits must take place in the resident’s room. There are to be no visitors in the communal spaces or dining areas etc.
  • The Nurse Manager of each clinical area will monitor when your 30 minutes are up, please respect the time boundaries that have been set.
  • When leaving the site, there will be clinical waste bins provided for you to dispose of your mask.
  • As a rule of thumb, both now and into the future – If you feel unwell, then please do not visit until you have been clear of all symptoms for at least 48 hours.
  • We also cannot accept any visitors who have been in contact with a confirmed of probable COVID19 case within the last 14 days.


Visitors to residents living independently within our Retirement Village.

·        Under Alert Level 2, we will be allowing visitors back into the village to visit our independent residents. The road checkpoint will be removed as from tomorrow – Thursday May 14.

·        We have asked all of our independent residents to keep a log of any visitors that come to see them, so that this information can be given to Public Health for contact tracing purposes, should we have an outbreak of COVID19 in the future.

·        As above, please do not visit if you have been unwell within the last 48 hours, or have been in contact with a confirmed or probable COVID19 case in the community within the last 14 days.

·        For families wishing to drop groceries etc. to residents living independently, these can be taken directly to their homes under Alert level 2. There is no need to drop them at the Terraces.

We know that some of our residents have expressed anxiety about going back out into the wider community, and so we will continue with our meal delivery service for as long as that service is required. The only change is that we will only be doing a single delivery each day at around 4pm as opposed to two deliveries. This is because our staff need to transition back to their original duties.

We will re-open our communal facilities for our independent residents (restaurant, library and gym) as from Thursday 14 May, subject to all of the various Alert level 2 requirements around contact tracing, physical distancing, seating and cleaning of surfaces etc.

With regards to resident activities, these will be restarting gradually over the course of the next month as we need to liaise with external tutors and providers and arrange new protocols with them.

We will keep the residents informed as to when each activity will restart and what special precautions need to be put into place.

As we gradually move down the Alert levels, we need to ensure that we continue to keep St Andrew’s fee of COVID19. Therefore, we need the support of every single visitor to help us protect your family members/your friends/our residents.

The staff at St Andrew’s have done an amazing job in looking after our residents during these extraordinary times. Now that these visiting restrictions are being eased, we need each of you to be as careful and vigilant, so that we continue to remain free of COVID19.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation, and for respecting the new rules which are about to come into force under Alert level 2.

Kind regards

St Andrew’s Village Executive Team


Update: 7 April 2020

Information for care centre family and friends

As we near the end of the second week of the nationwide lockdown, everything is going well at St Andrew’s Village and both our residents and staff continue to remain free of the COVID-19 virus.

Given the Ministry of Health restrictions on allowing visitors onto our site, we are having to come up with new ways for families and friends to remain in touch with their loved ones.

Consequently, our chaplaincy service have been inviting families to trial a number of options where appropriate. They are:

Sending a letter or e-mail to our chaplains, which they will take to the resident themselves and read it to them (if required).

Assisting residents to connect with their families via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp or Messenger video calls.

If you are interested in exploring these options please contact Jill Kayser who is a member of our chaplaincy team.

e-mail: jill@sav.co.nz

With regards to resident activities, these are being done in smaller groups within each individual clinical area. Given that we are unable to bring in outside entertainers at present, our diversional therapy team are overseeing all activities themselves and working hard to make sure the residents are engaged and continue to feel part of our community.

Over the past week, we have created a dedicated quarantine/isolation area within the main St Andrew’s care centre. This is purely a precautionary step should we ever have to deal with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 in the future. Whilst we fully understand it is not ideal to move residents to other rooms, we wish to thank a number of residents and their families for their co-operation in enabling us to do this. It is greatly appreciated, and will help to safeguard all residents and staff should we ever have need to use the area in the future.

In addition, in order to protect all of our staff and reduce the need for them to go out into the community, they are all being given the option to purchase their groceries via our various Trade accounts. These are being delivered to our site in bulk each week and then sorted for staff to collect their individual orders to take home with them.

Information for families and friends of independent residents

The meal delivery service which has been set up for all independent residents to access, continues to go from strength to strength and the feedback we are receiving from both residents and their families has been superb. The menus have just changed this week, and have been extended with additional options.

We are also facilitating our independent residents to purchase their groceries via our Trade account with New World at Eastridge, and this is the second week for residents to be able to do that. The prime purpose of this service is to reduce the requirement for residents to go out into the wider community to the absolute minimum, given that the impact of COVID-19 is much more severe for the elderly.

Whilst it is unusual to give a public shout out to other organisations, we would like to acknowledge our sincere appreciation to Matt Hayward and the entire team at New World, Eastridge for being so accommodating in helping us to set up this service for our residents and to guarantee a weekly delivery schedule. They have been fantastic to work with.

We are also ensuring that the basic items such as milk, eggs and bread are available daily for our independent residents to access whenever they need them, and these are being delivered along with the twice daily meal deliveries, as required.

Finally, we want to thank families and friends for respecting the new protocols and dropping off any items for residents with the Terraces concierge team, which we are then delivering on your behalf.

We can accept deliveries of groceries and medications 7 days a week between 10am and 4pm, and we will endeavour to ensure they are delivered within 30 minutes of receiving them. Just as a request, if there are any frozen items within a package that you are dropping off, can you please let us know, so that we can make arrangements to deliver it straight away.

Finally, we hope that you are all remaining safe and well within your respective bubbles, and we look forward to being able to welcome you back to St Andrew’s in whatever form that may take in the future.

Kind regards

St Andrew’s Village Executive Team


Update: 25 March 2020

In preparation for the whole of New Zealand going into a level 4 lockdown later tonight, the Ministry of Health have advised all operators to completely secure their facilities as follows:

“full cessation of non-essential services and family visits (i.e other than life supporting clinical)”

“full cessation of family visits except for access for families with residents receiving palliative care – subject to public health direction”

Therefore, this means that for the period of the lockdown, we will not be allowing any external visitors to our site unless they meet the strict criteria as above.

For those family members who wish to drop off supplies to residents who live independently within our Retirement Village, these must be dropped to the Concierge at the new Terraces building between 10am and 4pm – Monday to Friday, and staff will arrange for these to be delivered directly to the resident.

We ask that all family and friends respect these arrangements and do not attempt to visit independent residents out of hours, nor should you ask them to go into the community to visit you.

All of our residents are over 70 years of age and are all in the most vulnerable age group should they contract COVID-19.

We know that this is a very difficult time for everyone, but please do not risk compromising our residents’ health and wellbeing by being tempted to see them during this lockdown period.

We hope that you all remain safe, and we look forward to welcoming you all back to St Andrew’s in the future as soon as it is practical and safe to do so.

Kind regards
St Andrew’s Village Executive Team


Update – 23 March 2020

Following the unprecedented announcements made by Prime Minister Ardern over the past few days outlining the COVID-19 alert level increases which will move to level 4 from Wednesday 25 March 2020, please find detailed below the additional steps which St Andrew’s have already introduced.

Changes affecting Care Centre residents (incl Balmoral, Iona, Stirling and Braemar).

· For the foreseeable future we will only be allowing visitors to see residents who are palliative and in their last days of life. All approved visitors will need to go through a screening and temperature check process at the main reception area before they will be allowed into the building.

· We ask that any approved visitors who are on our premises follow the direction of staff members at all times, and limit their visit to the family member concerned. We ask that you maintain appropriate social distancing (i.e. 2m) from any other resident you may see whilst on our premises.

· We have placed barriers across the road at our main Riddell Road entrance which are patrolled by staff and they are preventing all non-urgent visitors from visiting.

Unfortunately, we were still getting a very small number of visitors over the weekend who seem to think that COVID-19 is no big deal, that our restrictions are a complete over-reaction and that they should be allowed to visit regardless.

I just want to reinforce that the risks around COVID-19 are unprecedented in living memory and that all around the country extraordinary measures are being introduced by government to try and slow the spread of the disease in order that our health system does not become overwhelmed. It needs everyone to work together with patience and understanding as measures are introduced which may be inconvenient.

· We are temporarily suspending all activities which are run by external entertainers. Our own activities team will run regular smaller events in each of the individual areas.

· Those residents who are able to go for a walk outside are being encouraged to do so, but are being asked to remain within our grounds.

· All of the communal areas within the wider village i.e. the Terraces and Irwin Miller centre are closed until further notice.

· There are various essential contractors working around St Andrew’s at present. These are all being screened on a daily basis and temperature checked.

We are limiting all contract work at present around the site to non-clinical areas within the main care centres. In addition, for those contractors working in the wider independent village, we will be restricting them from entering residents’ homes unless it is for an emergency repair. All non-essential contract work will be closed down.

Additional information for families of Independent Living Residents

· We have put in place arrangements for staff members to phone every single independent resident once a day to check on how they are and if there is anything that they need assistance with.

· The kitchen team at the Terraces are batch cooking a limited menu option which can be frozen and delivered to any residents around the village for reheating should they need it.

Information on menu choices and how to order etc. have already been delivered to each individual resident. There will be a cost for this service, but we are simply looking to price meals on a cost recovery basis and the meal service will all be charged directly to resident’s monthly accounts.

· A number of residents have expressed concern about attempting to go to the supermarket for provisions. They are also reporting that the online options for Countdown and New World are under immense pressure at present and deliveries need to be booked roughly a week in advance.

Where possible, we ask that residents contact their families to help organise their shopping for them and simply drop it off to their homes.

However, if residents do not have family members living locally and need assistance, then we can organise purchases of staple food items via our Bidfood and Gilmour trade accounts and deliver those to residents ourselves.

If we do need to assist residents with grocery purchases, we can only purchase what is available via our trade accounts, and will not necessarily be able to accommodate particular ‘brand’ requests.

The situation is changing rapidly by the day, and I recommend that you all keep abreast of the latest national updates which are released at around 1pm each days across the various news media.

Please be assured that we will continue to support all of our residents in anyway that we can, and we ask for your patience and understanding during these difficult times.
Please do not hesitate to contact us at enquiries@sav.co.nz should you have any questions.

Kind regards
St Andrew’s Village Executive Team

UPDATE: 21 March 2020

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern addressed the nation at Midday today to update us all on the steps that are being taken to address the spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus.Today is the first day that there is an indication of community transmission as two of the new cases have no obvious links to anyone travelling from overseas.

During her speech, the Prime Minister made the following key points.

• Four-stage alert system for Covid-19 announced
• New Zealand moved up to Covid-19 alert level 2 – reduce contact
• New Zealanders over 70 and those with certain medical conditions told to stay at home as much as they can to reduce risk of contact with the virus.
• Workplaces to implement plans to reduce person-to-person contact, including work from home where possible
• Limit all non-essential domestic travel

Obviously, these new recommendations will have a major impact on all residents and staff working at St Andrew’s Village. The key point being the recommendation for all people aged over 70 to remain at home as much as possible and reduce contact with others.

In considering how to react to this recommendation, and assuming that all independent residents will attempt to voluntarily self-isolate as far as reasonably practical, St Andrew’s are now taking the following steps.

· The Communal areas within both the Terraces and Irwin Miller Centre will be closed until further notice.
· From Monday 23 March, St Andrew’s will be providing an option of fresh and frozen meals that can be ordered by residents via the Concierge team.
· This delivery service will run 7 days a week in order to support those residents who need it for as long as is necessary.
· St Andrew’s are also moving towards staff working from home in the future where it is practical to do so. Information will be circulated to all residents once that it finalised.
· As a reminder, we ask that all non–essential visitors please refrain from visiting any residents at St Andrew’s Village for the foreseeable future. That includes both residents in care as well as our independent living residents.
· Residents are advised to phone the Village Team if they have anything they are unsure of or concerned about.

These are challenging and uncertain times ahead, and St Andrew’s will be doing everything we can to support both our residents and staff.

We thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Kind regards
St Andrew’s Village Executive Team


Update: 20 March 2020

Following the decision last night by the government to close our borders to all foreign visitors, as well as the decision to ban indoor gatherings of more than 100 people, St Andrew’s will be introducing the following changes to our Independent Living operations as from today.

Temporary suspension of all events/activities
We are temporarily suspending all events, activities and meetings with independent residents, in both the Terraces and Irwin Miller Centre. Unfortunately, this will also include our ANZAC services.

We will be discussing the situation with the residents’ social committee early next week, to see if we can safely offer a limited program of activities to residents and ensure the correct protocols of social distancing together with appropriate screening for any external instructors etc.

Terraces cafe
We will continue to run our café area from Monday to Friday only – 9am to 3pm.

However, the seating capacity has been reduced at each table in order to accommodate the recommended social distancing requirements and the tables have been spread out further into the room.

St Andrew’s staff will be reminding everyone of the protocols as well as screening residents with a digital temperature check.
For now, we ask that only residents of St Andrew’s use the Terraces café and we will be temporarily restricting visitors and staff.

Frozen meals
Both of our kitchens will now start preparing additional food to freeze, so that we can deliver frozen meals to those residents who need them.

Food shopping
For those residents who need assistance with food shopping, they have been advised to contact the Village team.

Essential visitors only
We would ask that you please only visit St Andrew’s if it is absolutely necessary. Look at alternate methods of communication, e.g. phone, text, video chat etc. for non-urgent items.

Private carers etc.
All residents have been advised to check whether any private carers that come into their homes home have returned from overseas within the last 14 days (or have been in direct contact with anyone else who has) and that they are otherwise feeling well.

All residents have been further advised to contact the agency who supplies their private carer to double check what screening processes they have put in place for their own employees.

This is obviously a rapidly evolving situation, and we will post further updates and information as it becomes necessary.

Kind regards
St Andrew’s Village Executive Team


UPDATE: 18 March 2020

The situation regarding COVID-19 Coronavirus has become increasingly fluid over the past few days with details of more confirmed cases in New Zealand being released.

The government now requires all overseas visitors to self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival into NZ, as well as curtailing all overseas cruise ships until 30 June and recommending that there are no large gatherings in excess of 500 people. This has had many knock on impacts on restaurants, concerts and sporting events etc., and there is a range of online advice from the Ministry of Health which is regularly circulated to Aged Care and Retirement Village Operators.

Therefore, St Andrew’s are taking the following precautionary steps in order to protect our vulnerable residents:

· As from Thursday 19 March, we will be screening all visitors into the care centre to ascertain whether they have likely had any exposure to the virus from overseas and also taking their temperature before they will be allowed to enter.

· Visiting times in the main care centre plus Iona, Balmoral, Braemar and Stirling lodges will be restricted to the following times:

9am to 11am
2pm to 6pm

· We are asking all visitors into the care facility and Lodges to maintain a distance of at least 1m from others.

· We are ensuring that all volunteers, GPs and other contractors will follow the same screening procedures.

· All staff will be temperature checked daily and stood down from work if necessary.

· We are making arrangements for some critical staff to work from home should it become necessary to do so.

· Business travel restrictions are now in place for all staff.

· Usual health and safety precautions are being reinforced to all staff.

· We are increasing the cleaning schedules throughout all of our common areas, and in particular wiping down handles and other hard surfaces with a solution of Sodium Hypochlorite.

· We are adding to our outbreak management stock of medications and other supplies.

· We are increasing our stock of emergency food.

· We are deliberately retaining a number of empty beds within the care facility should we need to place someone in isolation.

· We are currently reviewing our planned schedule of events and activities. Unfortunately, there will have to be some cancellations of the larger planned events and we will advise residents of these separately.

· We are asking visitors to the main care centre and Lodges not to take any resident off site and into the community, but to simply conduct any visits here.

· We are reminding people that the most effective way to kill any virus and prevent infection is by regular and thorough handwashing.

·Traditional handshake or Hongi greetings should be avoided for now.

Specific advice for independent living residents

· We are advising our independent residents to contact their regular visitors and ask them to only visit if necessary.

· All independent residents have been instructed not to allow anyone to visit who has returned from overseas (or had contact with anyone that has returned) within the last 14 days and we are recommending they check with any private carers or occasional visitors that they may not be completely familiar with.

· We recommend that independent residents discuss with their families alternate contact options such as Skype, Zoom, Facetime or other video chats so that those are already in place should it become absolutely necessary to restrict all visitors at some point in the future.

· Independent residents are advised to consider alternate options for grocery and other shopping. A number of the large supermarket chains allow online shopping where products are delivered directly to your door.

· If residents need assistance with that, they can contact the Village Team at St Andrew’s who will be happy to assist.

· We are also changing the visiting criteria to our new Terraces building as that is the area where residents, staff and visitors choose to congregate and relax during the day.

We thank you in advance for your co-operation at these new measures and we will be issuing updates each week.
For more information and updates from the Ministry of Health please use the links provided below regarding COVID-19 (novel coronavirus)

World Health Organisation website: Click here

New Zealand Ministry of Health website: Click here

Kind regards
St Andrew’s Village Executive Team