At St. Andrew’s Village, we believe that our later years deserve a touch of luxury. That’s why we’re excited to introduce a state-of-the-art new development that brings a premium option to the Aged Care market. Our first stage of 21 purpose-designed apartments in the Care Suites building offers a unique hybrid care model, allowing residents to experience independence within their luxurious apartments while enjoying the security of full residential Aged Care services that cover both Rest Home and Hospital levels of care.

Step into our Care Suites and be greeted by a fresh, modern interior design reminiscent of a sleek hotel. Each suite is thoughtfully crafted with a small kitchenette, lounge and dining area, an outside balcony, and a separate bedroom with a full ensuite. Ranging in size from 39 to 43 square metres, our apartments provide the perfect blend of comfort and style.

What sets our Care Suites apart is the peace of mind they offer. Once residents settle in, they can remain in the same suite for the duration of their life’s journey, without the stress of having to move apartments even if their assessed levels of care increase from Rest Home to Hospital. Our goal is to provide continuity and a sense of belonging, ensuring that our residents feel truly at home.

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A Sense of Safety

Incorporating innovative technology to enhance resident safety, St. Andrew’s Village introduces a New Zealand first with the Elsi Smart Floor system. Widely recognised in Europe and gaining popularity among care operators in Australia, the Elsi Smart Floor is now implemented in our new building. This cutting-edge system features copper tiles installed under the carpet in the bedroom and lounge areas of each apartment.

As residents move about their apartment, their weight is concentrated on a few copper tiles at a time. However, in the event of a fall, the weight is distributed across multiple tiles, immediately triggering an alarm for our care team, without the resident needing to activate an alarm call themselves. This seamless integration allows us to provide increased levels of care, running in the background 24/7 alongside our more traditional nurse call systems. Furthermore, the Elsi Smart Floor system can be customised to meet individual resident needs, such as providing automated alerts if a known falls risk resident gets out of bed at night, allowing our staff to promptly assist them.

Extend your sense of security into the bathroom area with our sensor beams, ensuring a comprehensive safety solution throughout the Care Suites.

Designed for residents seeking more than the traditional Aged Care room within a large Care Centre, our Care Suites offer a unique experience. Sold under an ORA agreement, residents pay daily care fees on top, granting them access to an entire building certified to provide both Rest Home and Hospital level Aged Care services. As with our traditional Care Centre, incoming residents will undergo a formal assessment to determine their required level of care.

Our Care Suites provide a welcoming environment for families and friends to visit, where residents can entertain within the privacy of their own apartments or in any of the communal spaces. We invite you to explore and discover the possibilities within our Care Suites, and our dedicated care team would be delighted to show you around.

At St. Andrew’s Village, we believe that no matter where your ageing and medical journey takes you, there will always be a home for you. Join us and live your best life in a place where luxury and exceptional care meet.

Viewings can be organised by emailing or by phoning the concierge on 09 926 7973.

Our Red Ribbon Day officially opens the Care Suites at St. Andrew's Village

Our number one resident Shirley officially cut the ribbon to open our new Care Suites becoming the first resident in the building.

16 years ago Shirley was also ‘a first’ in our Villas in Villa N#1 and went on to move into our Terraces Apartments.

Now at 98 years young, she has made her mark on her new care suite with the help of friends and family by bringing all her furniture and belongings to make the space her own. We are delighted that Shirley was a special part of the ceremony.

She is a wonderful example of someone here in the village who is living their best life!

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