Speciality Memory Care - Frequently Asked Questions

We have a range of information designed to answer any queries and/or concerns you may have when you or a loved one is considering our specialist memory care unit. Dementia care requires specialised knowledge and approach to care.

Below is a list of FAQs regarding elements of care that many of our residents, families and whanau have when entering speciality memory care at St Andrew’s Village.

I am having difficulty dealing with all the changes for my Dad/mum. Is there anyone who can help?

Yes, on admission, you will meet the Nurse Manager and at any time, you can book an appointment with them to discuss your anxieties or concerns.  We also have a Pastoral Care team who would enjoy spending time with you to discuss any concerns or anxieties you may be experiencing or needs of a spiritual nature. 

Are there activities offered to keep my mum/dad busy during the day?

Our Diversional Therapist works full-time in the unit providing activities from Monday – Saturday.  On admission, we will discuss the full programme with you.

My family member values their appearance.  What grooming services do you have available?

We have a hairdressing service on-site once a week in the Care Centre, as well as the Salon available at The Terraces (bookings are essential for both). Please talk to the hairdressers about how they like their hair cut, or give them a photo.  A podiatrist also visits every six weeks to care for our resident’s feet.  Both services have charges and can be booked via the nursing staff.

My brother/sister requires medication several times a day. Do you have staff to administer her medication?

Yes, our Registered Nurses use an electronic medication system which is very efficient in ensuring the safe administration of medications.  All our Registered Nurses and most Clinical Assistants are medically trained.

My husband/wife has a chair that they love to sit in.  Can she bring her own furniture?  Do we need insurance?

Yes, he/she can bring their own furniture. We encourage residents and their families to bring in small items of furniture to personalise their room and make it feel like home.  You, however, are responsible for any insurance coverage for valuables. We aim to take the utmost care of residents’ belongings and while we are not liable for loss, theft or damage, we will thoroughly investigate any property incidents ensuring suitable resolution.

What if my mother/father has concerns about the behaviour of other residents?

This can, indeed, be challenging in a dementia unit, and we hope you or your loved one will discuss any concerns with us as soon as they arise. Staff are trained to divert behaviours where possible, and the range of activities we provide is intended to create a feeling of well-being

My husband/wife enjoys going outdoors. Will they be able to spend time outdoors?

Residents are encouraged to go outdoors with the staff during the day for activities such as walking and joining other residents for group activities. 

Can I join in with meals or activities when I come to visit?

Yes, certainly to both – there may be a small cost for meals, however.  Please advise staff in advance so that catering arrangements can be made.

What happens if my aunt/uncle needs some money to buy toiletries or for a haircut? 

You can set up a trust account with St Andrew’s Village for personal items such as hairdressing, podiatry and toiletries.  The account can be arranged on admission or at any time in discussion with the nursing staff.

My grandma/grandfather is a very private person; how can they keep their room secure?

We make every effort to divert residents from wandering into each other’s rooms, thus protecting residents’ privacy and property as far as possible. Staff are trained in techniques to manage this.

For any additional questions please contact:

Director of Care – Carmen Stadler-Hanekom.


09 585 4020 ext. 210 or via mobile 027 773 6778.