Respite care provides an essential break for care providers or spouses, allowing them to take a holiday or simply rest. Typically, respite care involves a short-term stay of about 1-2 weeks. It is also available for individuals needing care after hospital treatment before they return to their communities or the Retirement Village.  

Admission Process:  

  • Medical Information Collection: Before admission, our staff will contact your GP to gather  important information, including medical history, medications, resuscitation status, and recent  blood test results. This process usually takes a minimum of two days.  
  • Personal Care Information: Village Nurses will either collect personal care information or receive  it from the spouse, care provider, or family. This crucial information will be handed over to the  Main Care Centre Nurses.  

Planning and Arrangement: 

  • Advance Preparation: It is essential to plan and arrange Respite Care ahead of time to ensure a  smooth transition.  
  • Adjustment Period: Expect at least three days for the resident to settle in and adjust to the new  surroundings, and for staff to become familiar with the resident. While the change of  environment can be challenging, our staff is dedicated to providing comfort and reassurance  during this period.  

Recommended Admission Timing:  

  • Weekday Admissions: To meet comprehensive admission requirements and ensure all necessary information is available, we recommend that admissions do not take place on Fridays  or weekends. This minimises risks associated with incomplete knowledge of the resident’s  clinical or personal information.  

Our goal is to make the transition to respite care as smooth and comfortable as possible for both  residents and their families. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not  hesitate to contact us.