Dear Residents,

For those of you who enjoy a nice cold glass of beer, you will have noticed that the Asahi tap beer has been removed. The main reason behind this is that the company supplying us, prefer bigger accounts than ours and it was not proving cost effective for them with the volume we were selling.

So, with this in mind, we have now switched over the Heineken Silver, which is taking the market by storm, and is also a low-carb beer solution. The nice thing about this is that I can now order it one keg at a time through Gilmour’s, who deliver to us pretty much daily.

As many residents are aware, I am more of a wine drinker, however, this is a lovely tasting, cold drop of beer – of course I had to try it first. Below is a small blurb regarding the beer, as taken directly from their website: What is the differentiation between Heineken Original and Heineken Silver?

Heineken® Silver features all the same pure, 100% natural ingredients people love from our original recipe. When brewing Heineken® Silver we make our fabulous “A” yeast work harder to consume more carbohydrates. The result is a fresh, smooth, low carbohydrate beer with a crisp finish.

We have a few events coming up soon in the Terraces, so why not stop by, try this new draught beer and enjoy some of the chefs’ bar snacks.

Bon Appetit!

Lloyd Lewis / Hospitality Manager