Welcome to St Andrew's Village

In 1957, following the passing of Sir George Elliott a year earlier, a bequest was made from his estate for 50k (pounds sterling) to establish a charitable trust to help look after elderly people in the Eastern Bays community.

After several years of setting up the Trust and securing the land upon which we currently operate, the first buildings were opened in 1962. These comprised of a care facility and some rental cottages.

Early aged care options across New Zealand consisted of hospital style wards with multiple residents sharing an area with curtain screens between them. This type of provision slowly fell out of favour with the public and by the late 1990s St Andrew’s village embarked on a complete rebuild of the care centre.

In early 2000, the first stage of the new care centre was completed, with the remaining four stages following by May 2004. This gave St Andrew’s a full mix of Rest Home, Dementia and Hospital care provision, together with the establishment of a partnership with Dove Hospice to provide specialist palliative care on our site.

In 2005, the Trust also embarked on a development of a Retirement Village, and since that time an additional 164 villas, townhouses and apartments have been built, together with two large communal areas at the Irwin Miller Centre and the Terraces. The Terraces also now includes a full restaurant, bar, hair salon, wellness centre and state of the art cinema.

One of the fundamental goals at St Andrew’s has always been to provide a full continuum of care, where residents would have certainty that wherever their ageing and medical journey took them, that St Andrew’s would have the appropriate buildings, services and trained staff to look after them. As a charitable trust, this means that all funds are constantly reinvested back into the business to achieve that goal.

As we move forward into the future, the goal is also to connect with the wider community both by welcoming them into our communal spaces such as the restaurant or salon, but also to provide help and support as required. As part of that, we are looking to extend our respite care options and to also commence a day care provision, to help people in the local community who are caring for the partners to have a break as needed.

We look forward to welcoming you to St Andrew’s